my name is caroline im 16 years old i think, and some people say i look like a bastardization of peter davison and tommy körberg

im cis and my pronouns are she/her. dont follow if youre truscum, anti-feminist or a TERF/TWERF

im an ENFP

im polish canadian but i have assimilated into swedish culture

im also a communist and social justice blogger

ebay wishlist

pls donate my birthday is coming up

"Men han medger: Carolas låt 'Tommy tycker om mig' handlar definitivt inte om T. Körberg."

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ive been laughing for 3 years at spange

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i love these kids




people who stigmatize self diagnosis dont seem to understand that diagnosing mental illness is not an exact science. essentially all u do to diagnose someone with a mental illness is look at a list of criteria and say “yup they fit these things.” spoiler alert: a lot of this is guesswork. the only difference between u doing this and a social worker/ psychiatrist/ etc doing it is access to institutional power. many people dont have financial access to medical services that would get them a diagnosis so… maybe…. shut up?

Except Psychiatrists and doctors have actual training making diagnosis way more accurate than some random teenager that read the symptoms off the internet?

i made this post because im in social work school learning how to give a diagnosis in a clinical setting and our training is basically “read the symptoms off the internet”

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ive been listneing to that song that david duchovny sings along to in that russian beer commercial

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i honestly need to like one day set up my phone to record audio and just record everything i say to myself while at the computer because its really weird i talk to myself with so much emotion like i literally just said “ground control to major tom” in a russian accent

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tommy körberg is the type of guy that would think the ground control to major tom line is about him

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friendly reminder that tommykorberg is my favourite sideblog and my proudest creation

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