my name is caroline im 16 years old i think, and some people say i look like a bastardization of peter davison and tommy körberg

im cis and my pronouns are she/her. dont follow if youre truscum, anti-feminist or a TERF/TWERF

im an ENFP

im polish canadian but i have assimilated into swedish culture

im also a communist and social justice blogger

ebay wishlist

"Men han medger: Carolas låt 'Tommy tycker om mig' handlar definitivt inte om T. Körberg."

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im doing the ice bucket challenge when i get home and im challenging tommy körberg someone dare me i have the power his wife follows my instagram

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if you cant think of anyone in your friend group who is the danny devito, then you are the danny devito

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Tommy körgerb

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get me to 8k followers by the time i get back 2k14

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im in sunny little st. kitts today

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the planes fly right above the beach!

maho beach, st. maarten

Jill cant believe shes talking to me 2k14

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*looks at a straight couple* so, which one of you is the tim and which one of you is the eric

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im sitting here on this boat, and the one thought rolling through my mind is “how can i get tommy körberg to pound my ass this holiday season”

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